Being Stylish, Being You: Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Denim Game

Denim is a classic as well as a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. We have all had days when we were reaching out for a denim piece because of the convenience and the style that this fabric offers. Though it is the jeans that dominate our mind when we talk about denim, we cannot forget the variety of options available in denim from shirts, skirts and jackets to dungarees and hats. Denim is pragmatic yet versatile and it is high time that we upgraded the way we style it. Here are some tips to put a spin on your favourite staple!

Explore, Experiment, Experience

When it comes to denim, it is always advisable to experiment with the range of choices available to you. While your streetwear aesthetics can be amped with the help of simple denim jeans and retro t-shirts, you can look more put together and sophisticated by pairing a denim shirt with a bomber jacket. Slim-fit denim shirts under an office suit will give you that much-sought-after business-casual look. The possibilities are endless when you style denim.

Patchwork > Ripped

The rise of second-hand shoppers and love for sustainable clothing have popularised patchwork denim outfits which look super chic and interesting. You can upcycle your old denim jackets and jeans with interesting patchwork patterns. You can either add denim patches or go for a different fabric. You can skip the hassle of doing it on your own and shop for patchwork denim from any second-hand clothing shop.

Vintage Denim for the Win!

When in doubt, always reach out for that vintage denim from classic brands like Carhartt, Dickies or Levi Strauss. If you are lucky enough, you can find some unique and good quality denim jeans and jackets with interesting details like panels and frayed hems. These subtle additions will bring so much character and pizazz to your look.

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