Dressing Vintage: How to Attain Vintage-Inspired Looks Using Thrifted Clothes

Vintage style outfits help fashion enthusiasts around the world to relive their favourite decades through clothes. Apart from the obvious charm and nostalgia of vintage clothes, they are also a far more sustainable choice than fast fashion outfits. But purchasing authentic vintage garments can be expensive and quite a challenge for those who do not have comprehensive knowledge about rare fabrics and fashion history. But thanks to social media, there are quite a few helpful tips out there which will help you dress like you just stepped out of the pages of a vintage fashion magazine using second-hand and thrifted clothes. Let’s find out how!

Choose Classic Silhouettes and Styles

It is always wise to stick to neutral hues and timeless silhouettes when it comes to vintage-inspired looks. That will help you to seamlessly integrate your vintage style with the modern pieces that you have in your closet. While women can go for fitted blazers, midi skirts and high-waisted pants as a base, men can opt for tailored trousers, vintage tees, vintage jackets and shirts for building on their vintage look.

Prints and Patterns

Pairing a Gingham or plaid shirt with a cute thrifted cardigan can instantly make you look vintage. You can also opt for shirts as well as blouses with soft florals and stripes which can make you look sophisticated. Always keep an eye out for unique buttoned shirts, lace, embroidery, or other embellishments that can make your outfit look interesting and vintage.
When it comes to men’s vintage clothing, they can choose vintage clothes including shirts and jackets with patterns like herringbone, glen check, plaid or gingham.

Shirts, T-shirts and Cardigans

Everyone should have classic white and black shirts in their wardrobe which they can layer with other pieces to create vintage looks. You can also thrift many vintage t-shirts which you can layer with sweatshirts, blouses and vintage jackets. Another staple and a versatile vintage piece that you should purchase is a cardigan using which you can create multiple looks.

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