Know Your Fashion: Difference Between Vintage and Retro clothing

A never before seen demand for vintage and retro clothing has been fuelling fashion trends on TikTok and Instagram for the past two years. Unlike Millennials, the new generation of Gen Z fashion enthusiasts are all about sustainable clothing and thrifting rather than consuming fast fashion every other season. But the popularity of second-hand clothes has also blurred the lines between vintage and retro fashion even though they are two completely different labels.

What is vintage clothing?

Vintage clothes are the evergreen staples in the wardrobe of fashion lovers around the globe. They are clothing that was made between 20 and 100 years ago and carry the distinct fashion markers of the period to which it belongs. For example, a dress from the 80s is most likely to have the big puffed sleeve that was all the rage during that era. So, time is not the only factor that makes an outfit vintage but it is the defining fashion elements of that era. A classy vintage wardrobe can include everything from vintage dresses to vintage sweatshirts
and t-shirts as long as they carry the essence of their time period.

What is retro clothing?

Retro clothing is inspired by older designs that made a splash in the past. Retro clothes are ‘old’ in terms of their appearance or style rather than the material which is used to make them. You can look effortlessly stylish without the anxiety of causing damage to the outfit as it is not fragile. Levi Strauss, Calvin Klein, Adidas and Dickies are all popular brands among thrift lovers when it comes to retro fashion.

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