Celebrities to look out for Vintage Fashion Inspirations

When it comes to vintage fashion, not everyone can nail it down at the first attempt. It’s really hard to don a beautiful vintage ball room gown and not look like you’re a little girl ready for her prom or living her princess fantasy. With vintage clothing, you actually want to look poised and polished, not a cosplayer. If you are someone who’s still testing waters with vintage clothing, we highly suggest following celebrities who are known for their vintage wardrobes. Also, check out women's clothing online in Dubai, you’d be amazed to find the variety at your disposal.

Here are four celebrities that are our biggest vintage fashion inspirations:

Scarlett Johansson

World’s highest paid female lead actress and the ever so gorgeous Scarlett Johansson is a big advocate of 50s retro glam. You’d always see her with cat eye sunglasses, inward curled hair and a red pout. For her wardrobe, you’d see a lot of silk midi dresses and old-fashioned beige or camel coats. The woman is an epitome of timeless elegance. For a little Scarlett-Johansson-inspired vintage wardrobe, we suggest you look for long silk coats in vintage clothing online stores. Those could be layered on top of dresses, skirts and even shorts for a glam retro vibe.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “reputation” (pun, intended) is quite settled as a hardcore vintage clothing lover. Her style is very chic yet modern; she mixes vintage pieces such as a high-neck satin blouse with a contemporary ball skirt in a way that it all looks very blended and unified at the end. For a Taylor-Swift-inspired fashion wardrobe, look for separate pieces in your women’s clothing stores in Dubai and mix them with your existing wardrobe.


Thanks to the queen RiRi, 80’s fannypacks and denim jackets would never get irrelevant to the fashion scene. You can totally pull out a Rihanna look by scoring a good top notch quality denim jacket from affordable branded used clothes stores in Dubai. And no, we aren’t talking about the contemporary distressed denim trend, we are kicking it old school with vintage denim jackets in mint condition.

Amal Clooney

Listen, Amal Clooney may not be a Hollywood celeb, but she sure makes some serious heads turn whenever she show up on a red carpet with her hubby Mr. Clooney! The girl has a very defined and settled vintage fashion choice and she never experiments out of it. You’d often find her wearing sequin pieces with embellished organza and embroidered silk from the 80s.

So, if festive clothing is your thing, these are the celebrities you need to look for and you can easily find such clothes in women’s clothing stores in Dubai.