Black Tie Makeup Statements: 4 Looks for Glamming up on Formal Occasions

Black tie makeup statements don’t necessarily have to be complicated, and you can certainly glam up without having to pay hundreds of dollars to a makeup artist.
In this article, we will walk you through some alluring and timeless makeup statements for formal occasions. You can always browse through our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women to find the perfect outfit to flaunt with your chosen makeup look.

Let’s get started, shall we?


If you’d like to infuse your formal statement with the classic elegance of a nude color palette, we strongly recommend this look for a sensual makeover. The idea is to play up your eyes with a smokey neutral statement. Smudge up some nude and cream eye shadows with hints of black, and complete the look with a sleekly winged eyeliner and mascara.
Give your skin a smooth complexion with a subtle foundation, and add a bronzed edginess to your jawline and cheekbones. For the pout, take a rosy nude lip color. This look will work splendidly with dresses in white, pink, nude, and even black, and you can buy gently used branded clothes from our impressive collections for black tie events.

Fiery in Red

Ladies, a red pout is a woman’s ultimate glamour gun when it comes to creating a striking black tie statement. Channel your inner goddess with a bold red pout and gold-flecked lids. You can always flaunt this look with a minimal makeup statement and kohl-lined eyes, but if you want to turn up the glamour, give your lids a copper metallic color palette.
This statement would look insanely hot with halter-neck dresses and form-fitted gowns with thigh-high slits. Feel free to browse through our collection to buy second hand designer clothes to pair up with this glamorous makeup look.

Shades of Pink

If you prefer the ladylike chicness of pink, a rosy makeup statement is just what you need to channel your inner goddess with a romantically feminine pout. Give your lids a lovely rose gold palette with hints of shimmery eye shadow, and play up your cheeks with a dramatic flush of blush. For the lips, pick out a glossy matte liquid lipstick in pink that will highlight the contours of your pout.

Brown & Sensual

Brown lip colors look sensual and stunning, and this is a statement that you can pair up with a versatile range of dresses and color palettes. The idea is to dominate your facial color palette with hints of brown. You can give your jawline and cheekbones a subtle bronzing effect and a warm glow, and cover your eyes with a glitter copper or bronze shade with flecks of gold.
Create a dramatic winged eyeliner, and seal the statement with a velvety brown pout. This sensual makeup statement would look best with off-the-shoulder statements and cut-outs that reveal your skin. You can browse through our second hand clothes online UAE to find the perfect pick for this look.