Big Bold Stripes is the Coziest Winter Trend for Men

If you have kept up with our seasonal trend report for men, you might already be aware that men’s fashion this year is all about being a little ‘extra’. From loud and bold knitted beanies and vests to extra alluring animal print jackets, some of the men’s fashion trends for fall/winter 2018-19 might not be everyone’s cup of it. Specially, if you’re a working professional, you would need your outfit to be groomed, neat and trendy without the extra pizazz. This is why we think the latest trend of big bold stripes would be right up your alley.
Stripes and men’s fashion go way back! I mean, how predictable is it for you to take a peek inside your own closet and not find at least a single item with stripes? But the coolest thing is, wearing stripes now is fashionable not boring. Pulling off this trend is easier too because finding shirts, tees, knitwear and beanies in stripes in stores of used men’s clothes in Dubai would be incredibly convenient. It’s a trend that has been around forever.
Here are four fresh ways to pull off big bold stripes this season:

#1 A Knitted Blouson Jacket

Black slacks with a cowl-neck shirt and this super cool knitted striped blouson jacket is the exact bomb outfit combination you need for a day at work when you want things to be relaxed yet bossy.

#2 A Stylish Beanie with Stripes

You cannot roam around the chilly roads of Dubai after sunset without padding and layering because weather does get a little cold, this time around. If you aren’t one to load up on layers, you can shield yourself with a stylish knitted beanie cap with bold stripes with almost any outfit combo.

#3 Wide Stripe Crew Knit Sweater

Of course you have to have a crew knit sweater for the chilly weather. Don’t forget to look at Fashion Rerun’s ukay ukay clothing for men that’s updated on regular basis with stylish knitwear for men. You can score this fine looking wide stripe crew knit from there; wear it with khakis and sneakers.

#4 Fuzzy Stripes Socks

You may regard socks as the least fashionable aspect of your clothing but actually men’s socks with sandals are quite hip right now. Why not jump on the bandwagon with fuzzy socks in bold stripes?
Stay stylish, stay cozy. It’s just the beginning of the stripe season.