Beauty Radar: Hottest Makeup Trends for Summer’19

Summer is sweaty, humid and hot, but you don’t have to comprise your chicness. In fact, the strategy should always revolve around beating the summer heat with a breezy and comfortably chic statement.
The trick is create a radiant and glowing summer statement with energetic hues like bright corals, juicy scarlet reds, sunny yellows, and other glossy hues. You can scoop up these delightful colors from our trendy collection of affordable branded used clothes, carefully curated to help you keep up with seasonal trends.
As for your summertime beauty regime, allow us to walk you through all the raging beauty trends for the season.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Vibrant Eyes

This summer, let your eyes do the talking by infusing them with the energy and drama of bright-hued eye shadows. Start experimenting with colors you don’t normally where, including deep reds, burgundy, purple, magenta, yellow-golds, copper and even blue. This season, the beauty radar is obsessed with bold and brightly-lit eyes.

Sun-Kissed Glow

Instead of caking and baking, which will only lather your skin with product and make you uncomfortable under the scorching heat, embrace the bronzer. The summer runways were abuzz subtle bronzer-effects alongside the cheekbones, creating a sun-kissed and chiseled appeal. You can flaunt this gorgeous sun-kissed appeal with sassy summer-friendly cocktail dresses from our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women who shop smartly.

Fifty Shades of Purple

Ladies, purple has emerged as the hottest shade on the beauty radar, and from silhouettes and haute couture, to eye shadows and glossy pouts, this color is trending super-hot this summer. Get ready to embrace purple as the official color that will give you a bold look this summer. Be sure to stock up some purple lipsticks, magenta eye shadows and browse through our collection to buy gently used branded clothes in enthralling shades of purple.

Glitter Glam!

Glitter is back with a bang ladies, so feel no shame in giving your eyes and lips a sassy dose of dazzling glitter. The runways were lit with stunning layers of exquisitely blended glitter on the lids, and lips, creating a crystal-like shine. The best part is, glitter is not just trending on the beauty radar, but in fact, sequins and glittery outfits have also made a BIG comeback this season. Feel free to browse through our collection of affordable branded used clothes to scoop up some fabulous fashion bargains!