How to Beat Fast Fashion and Stay Stylish in Thrifted Clothes

Thrifting has been disrupting the global fashion market for the past couple of years. Shopping for pre-loved clothes is no longer a fashion stigma but a statement against fast fashion and overconsumption. If you are a newbie when it comes to shopping for second hand clothes, chances are that you have barely any clue about selecting and styling thrifted clothes. Here are some tips to help you along the way!

Knot it up
One of the biggest dilemmas that you will face while buying second-hand t-shirts, vintage jerseys and vintage tops is the size of the outfit. Sometimes retro t-shirts can look baggy on you if you are a woman, especially if you like shopping from the men’s section. You can either embrace the baggy look by styling it with tighter jeans and shorts or make a knot at the front that will elevate your look to another level.

Dress it down
Vintage dresses are eternally classy but can look over the top if you are wearing them outside on a casual day. The trick is to style it with a retro jacket so that it looks like you are not overdressed for the day. Putting a classic retro Harley Davidson jacket or t-shirt over a sleeveless white vintage dress will give you that cool yet classy biker babe look.

A good belt saves the day
Styling your vintage dresses, girly jumpsuits and even rompers with a belt will make you look effortlessly stylish. When you use a belt, it will not accentuate your waist but improve the way the dress fits your body. Belts can even be used as a statement piece if your dress or blouse is too simple.

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