Airport Glam: Effortlessly Chic Statements for Long Flights

Airport statements are meant to be comfortable, cozy and chic, and we all want to wake up after a devastatingly long flight, looking our best selves. But, how is that possible?
It’s really quite simple ladies: pair up minimal layers that are comfortable and create a chic combination when you ensemble them. In this article, we will walk you through some of the chicest and comfiest airport looks, which you can recreate with the help of our second hand clothing store online.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Chic & Comfy

If you want to spend a long flight without feeling the discomfort of form-fitted clothes, here’s the perfect outfit. Pick out a basic t-shirt and pair it up with sleek leather tights. Seal the outfit with a loose and cozy cardigan.
This statement will keep you comfortable and cozy, and in case you want to click some pictures from the gram, well, the leather tights will work their magic! Feel free to browse through our collection for affordable branded used clothes to flaunt this look.

Sassy & Graphic

If you prefer a minimal look that plays up your sassiness without the displeasure of wrinkled fabrics and a worn-out appeal, this statement will be perfect for you. Just throw on a graphic t-shirt or one with a charming designer logo, and pair it up with your favorite high-waist denim jeans.
Seal the look with ankle boots or sneakers, and add a bold pair of shades and a chunky belt. You can scoop up these essentials from our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women.

Athleisure Appeal

The ultimate secret for an insanely chic and comfortable airport statement that will make sure you look ramp-ready even after the longest overhaul flight. Just pair up your crop top with a sleek pair of trousers or yoga tights, and seal the look with a bomber jacket. If you prefer matching separates with an athleisure appeal, it would work splendidly well.

Denim Alert!

Denim jackets have the unbelievable ability to transform any and every statement, and give it a trendy, street style charm that is infectiously chic. If you want to give your airport look an understated charm, just pair up your basic white t-shirt with a pair of black tights, and seal the look with a denim jacket.
Viola! It’s an instant recipe for an effortlessly chic statement. If you prefer to buy gently used branded clothes, our collection of denim jackets and graphic t-shirts will certainly delight you with its offerings.