7 Genius Fashion Hacks to Restyle Old Denim

As much as we would love to go gaga over seasonal trends and shop our hearts out when the new trendy collections hit the stores – spending your heard-earned money on new clothing just for the sake of fashion isn’t a very grownup thing to do. With age comes maturity and a social responsibility to spend your $$ wisely. But just because you’re big on savings, doesn’t mean you have to don boring clothes every day.

Here are SEVEN genius fashion hacks to restyle old denim and turn them into something fashionable, chic and trendy. You can shop for gently used branded clothes online and then use one of these hacks to give it an entirely new life and look:

#1 Color Blocking

Color Blocking is one of the biggest 2018 fall fashion trends. Look around for good stores that stock slightly used branded women clothes; get a skinny jeans and some acrylic paints. Paint the hems in seasonal colors and have an entirely new piece of clothing at your fashion arsenal.

#2 DIY Distressed Jeans

Knee-ripped or distressed jeans look very modern and chic. Use a dull knife to create the distressed effect on an old pair of jeans and jump on the trend bandwagon.

#3 Patches and Monograms

If you’re in Dubai, you can find excellent quality second hand denim jackets at Fashion Rerun online. Get yourself a pair and use iron patches and monograms to personalize it according to your taste and style.

#4 Lace it Up

Hand knitted laces give a very bohemian, elegant and classy vibe. You can hand-sew small pieces of laces on a pair of jeans or denim skirt to give it a new look. And, just trim it off when you want the original style back.

#5 Add Vertical Stripes

Jeans with vertical lines is one of the season’s biggest trend. Use ribbon or vertical stripes of a cloth on an old pair of jeans to achieve the same look.

#6 Spruce it up with Studs

Sparkly diamond studs or gold metal studs give a very edgy, badass and urban look to your outfit. Use hot glue to add some pizazz and drama to an ordinary pair of jeans.

#7 Customize the Hem

Bought a pair of denim from a second hand clothing store and now it’s too long? Cut the hem, add on a patch of corduroy and sew it according to your size. There you have a very trendy piece of denim for very cheap.