5 Smart Ways to Casually Wear a Suit Jacket

Flamboyant and quirky or dressy and elegant – whatever your preferred way of styling is, all men need to have at least two good suits in their fashion arsenal. If not for work or business meetings then for formal dinners and weddings. A suit for a renowned fashion label would take you places. And if you shop smart and get your suits from a trustee store of second hand men’s clothes online you can even scooch in three suits rather than one in the same budget.
But what do you do when you are not all dressed up formal in your suit? Don’t let those bad boys rust away in your closet. You can totally wear your suit jacket as a blazer or an outer layering over a casual outfit on a day to day basis. And here are five ways how:

#1 Wear it with Jeans

Your usual crisp button down with your favorite pair of jeans; keep the first two buttons of your shirt open to keep it casual and cool. Throw on your suit jacket and maybe a nice scarf for an added touch of sophistication and you are good to go.

#2 Wear it with a Polo

Have somewhere rustic and cozy to go? Like a weekend brunch at outdoors or a themed wedding? Pair your suit jacket with a polo shirt and chino pants in beige or cream. This looks totally awesome and street style fashion smart.

#3 Wear it with a T-shirt

Look around some good stores such as Fashion Rerun for secondhand men’s t-shirts online and get yourself some good quality t-shirts in bold statement colors. Pair them with your coat and black jeans. If it’s chilly outside throw on a knitted beanie and you are ready to rock.

#4 Layer it Over a Knitwear

For cooler nights swap your shirts or t-shirts with a light knitwear or a cardigan. This adds more versatility to your outfit and gives an entire new look to your suit jacket.

#5 Wear it with a Half-zip Top

Half-zip tops are really popular right now in men’s fashion scene. They look effortlessly trendy and stylish. You can wear one of those tops with your coat and maybe white pants and keep the look everyday go-to yet stylish.
Wearing your suit jackets in more than one way is a brilliant way to get the most use out of your clothing. Don’t forget to try these genius hacks we shared.