1. Be Your Unique Self: How to Feel Confident in Your Fashion Choices

    May 06, 2022
    Be Your Unique Self: How to Feel Confident in Your Fashion Choices

    Fashion is a great self-esteem booster if you know how to play your cards right. Flattering clothes can instantly improve your mood and make you feel confident about yourself. For a lot of people, fashion is a means to channel their inner emotions and a
    medium to express their personality. But on the other side of the spectrum are those who feel insecure about their fashion choices and feel distressed about the prospect of dressing up. If you are one of the people in the latter category, you are not alone. We all lack confidence
    from time to time. Here are some tips to feel comfortable and confident in your fashion choices:

    Embrace your body type

    It is high time that we broke out of the ridiculous beauty standards and idealisation of the Kardashianesque boy type sold to us by cosmetic companies and social media. All body types are beautiful. Learning to dress in a way that highlights your best features will drastically

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  2. The Paradox of Choice: How to Avoid Bad Purchases.

    May 02, 2022
    The Paradox of Choice: How to Avoid Bad Purchases.

    We are living in a world of endless choices. There is no end to the number of clothes that you can buy and hence, we often end up with hundreds of outfits in our wardrobe that we don’t even wear. Sometimes, we make purchases just because something is on sale.

    All these bad purchase decisions and the overabundance of choices are having an impact on our environment along with our wallets. Being a smart shopper and making sustainable fashion choices is not just easy on your wallet, it’s easy on the planet too. Let’s take a look at some tips to avoid bad purchases and overconsumption.

    Declutter your wardrobe

    Organizing your wardrobe every couple of months will help you identify what are the essentials you need to buy. This will help you avoid buying brand new clothes unnecessarily. Donate the clothes that no longer fit you and replace them with more practical and staple pieces.

    Wants Vs Need

    Avoid impulsive purchases and d

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  3. Get Your Retro Clothes Here. Get Your Order Now

    March 11, 2022
    Get Your Retro Clothes Here. Get Your Order Now

    If you are looking for retro clothes, you are at the right place. We provide the best quality retro outfits to our clients at the price they can afford. Fashion rerun has the best collection of retro outfits online, and we can serve you better than any other store. Let's see how we can help you.

    Best quality thrift clothes online

    Finding parking in shopping malls is very time-consuming, and if you want to buy retro clothes, that will  take even more time. Fashion Rerun is an online store that offers the best quality thrift clothes online. You can access hundreds of retro fashion products and choose according to your taste. Outfits are divided into different categories for the ease of our clients.

    Buy sustainable clothes<

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  4. Best Vintage Clothes Shopping Destination in UAE

    March 06, 2022
    Best Vintage Clothes Shopping Destination in UAE

    There are different fashion styles, and vintage fashion is one of the most widely used fashion trends. Vintage fashion holds everything from day-to-day fashion to high-end fashion products. If you live in the UAE and want to know about the best vintage clothes shopping destination in the UAE, you are at right place. Fashion Rerun is an online store that provides a wide range of vintage clothes to its customers.

    Stylish vintage clothing

    Everyone wants stylish outfits not for formal events but for everyday activities too. Fashion Rerun has a huge collection of vintage clothing, and you can find very stylish and unique designs here. From biker T- shirts to classic jackets, the store has a wide range of products, colors and styles.

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  5. How to Shop the Best Retro Fashion Brands

    February 14, 2022
    How to Shop the Best Retro Fashion Brands

    If you adore shopping retro clothes online, filling your wardrobe with the best retro fashion brands vintage clothing must be fun. Fashion rerun is the leading option to scoop up secondhand clothes by noteworthy retro labels. We can help you find incredibly well-preserved retro clothes online to scoop up the best retro fashion brands.

    Keep reading to explore how you can buy retro fashion brands for a contemporary and trendy wardrobe.

    Do your Research

    Every fashionista has a unique taste, and if you’re shopping retro fashion brands, you must do your research. It’s crucial to understand your taste and aesthetic preferences to shop the

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  6. How to make sustainable fashion more fashionable

    February 14, 2022
    How to make sustainable fashion more  fashionable

    Time and fashion fly by at the same pace. The latest trends in retro fashion are a favorite among many of us. As we have thousands of growing brands, we have a wardrobe filled with affordable, vintage, retro, sustainable, and discount items, many still with their tags attached.

    Second-hand clothes

    Like never before, millennials are drawn to secondhand shopping. Because of this, brands and retailers are embracing secondhand clothing. There are some unique and vintage styles in a world full of fashion trends that make secondhand shopping unique. Second-hand clothing and accessories are becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious shoppers. By

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  7. Some outfits that will make you excited to Dress up again

    February 08, 2022
    Some outfits that will make you excited to Dress up again

    We have to dress up every day, but usually, there is no element of excitement. You feel bored wearing the same dress again and again, and sometimes you don'twant to dress up at all. If you are facing the same problem, we have solutions for you. Here are some outfits that will make you excited to dress up again.

    Try an exclusive outfit.

    Wear a different outfit, which you usually don't wear in routine. For instance, if you usually wear pants, you can buy women's jumpsuits and rompers online. Trying a new outfit is always exciting. If you wear skirts, you can try women's trousers, pants or shorts. However, if your budget doesn't allow you to buy new unique clothes, thrift women's clothing is there to

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  8. Outfit to Inspire Your Going - Out Look This Winter

    February 01, 2022
    Outfit to Inspire Your Going - Out Look This Winter

    Winter is the year's festive season, and everyone is conscious about winter outfits. If you are also wondering about your winter going – outlook, we have some suggestions for you. It will help you look stylish and classy in winter without compromising your practical needs. Fashion rerun is the ultimate choice for preloved clothes online if the outfits are expensive.

    Vintage Hoodies and sweatshirts

    The Winter season is not very long, and winter outfits are very expensive. So, buying vintage clothes is a great idea as Vintage clothing is always in fashion. Vintage hoodies and sweatshirts can be a perfect layer for your winter outlook. Used clothes stores offer a wide range of these outfits if you find new o

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  9. Best Eco – friendly Fashion Brands

    January 22, 2022
    Best Eco – friendly Fashion Brands

    Everyone is concerned about the environment these days, and that is why we hear a lot about eco- friendly products. The fashion industry also protects the environment, and brands are conscious of an eco-friendly approach. You can find several fashion brands which claim that they produce products that are safe for the environment one way or the other. Let's see how different fashion brands work for the

    Apply environment-friendly practices

    Some top-rated brands like  "Tentree " claim to plant ten trees for every product they sell. The company manufactures activewear for women and men. Similarly, some manufacturers follow no plastic policy and use only natural materials for manufacturing and packaging their products.

    Upscaling old clothes

    Brands like “Vetta” believe in upcycling fabrics. Designers use vintage clothing and upcycle them to make new ones. They use styles and motifs from retro clot

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  10. How to Plan your outfits for travel?

    January 17, 2022
    How to Plan your outfits for travel?

    When you have to travel for business or personal leisure, you must make bookings first. But planning your outfits for travel is equally important. Experts advise not to use new clothes when you travel. Travelling can be hectic, and top branded preloved vintage clothing can be the best choice.

    Consider the weather

    When you plan your outfit, you have to consider the weather of your destination. If it's the winter season, you will need a warm outfit. But instead of buying new ones, you can save money with thrift hoodies and jackets. Second-hand jackets for men are easily available in local markets and online stores. Several stores offer thrift sweaters online; you can get these products at an affordable price

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