1. Sustainable Fashion: A Survival Guide for Men

    July 15, 2022
    Sustainable Fashion: A Survival Guide for Men

    A well-dressed man radiates confidence and power. Being fashionable and keeping yourself groomed are qualities that earn you respect and admiration from people regardless of your gender. You can control the way the world perceives you through your fashion choices.
    But men tend to have trouble finding their footing when it comes to their style because all the fashion advice on the internet is geared toward women. Here are some style tips for men who want to try their hands at sustainable fashion and thrifted clothes

    Don’t Shy Away from Prints

    The majority of the men are wary of prints as they are afraid that the outfit will look too casual. But a well-fitted button-down with minimalistic print can make you look effortlessly dapper. You will find many

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  2. Keep Thrifting and Stay Trendy: Top Style Ideas to Thrift This Year

    July 12, 2022
    Keep Thrifting and Stay Trendy: Top Style Ideas to Thrift This Year

    Gone are the days when fashion trends were dictated by fast fashion companies only. Nowadays, the latest and the greatest style ideas are born on Pinterest boards and TikTok videos using sustainable clothes. It is possible to stay trendy in all seasons using thrifted clothes if you can get your hands on the right clothes. Here are some trendy styles to shop for at the thrift store to keep up with the trend bandwagon.

    Jackets are Eternal

    Trends will come and go but jackets will always stay in style. Its appearance and material may differ but it’s a staple in the wardrobes of all fashion enthusiasts. Jackets are versatile as you can dress them up as well as dress them down. From vintage denim jackets to western j

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  3. Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Perfect OOTDs with Second-Hand Clothes

    July 04, 2022
    Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Perfect OOTDs with Second-Hand Clothes

    The internet is always on the lookout for the perfect outfit of the day (OOTD) ever  since the advent of Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Back in 2016 when hashtags were all the  rage, popular fashion bloggers and netizens used to post the outfits they wore on a particular  day with the hashtag #OOTD. Somehow this viral hashtag stood the test of time and is ever  so popular even today. But the real question is can we ace our OOTDs with pre-loved  clothes? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how. 

    Keep it Simple 

    The best way to look sophisticated is o keep it simple. It is high time that we bid adieu  to overconsumption and embraced minimalism. A good pair of vintage jeans from Calvin  Klein, Levi Strauss or Tommy Hilfiger paired with a classy retro t-shirt

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  4. Wardrobe Organisation Ideas to Keep Your Clothes Sorted

    June 25, 2022
    Wardrobe Organisation Ideas to Keep Your Clothes Sorted

    The unending dilemma of choosing an outfit for the day keeps everyone stumped on busy mornings. One way to avoid confusion is to organise the wardrobe properly so that it’s easier to choose clothes. Not only does it save time but organising the wardrobe will also
    prevent you from unnecessarily spending money on clothes by making it easier to keep track of the outfits that you own. Here are some tips to keep your wardrobe tidy.

    Monthly Decluttering

    It is always a good idea to clean and declutter the closet every month. Especially if you are a person whose wardrobe consists of a lot of secondhand clothes and, the monthly decluttering will help to keep an eye on its wear and tear. Sometimes all you need is a good stitch on time or a good dry cleaning to save the outfit.

    Keep, Toss, Sell

    Try to h

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  5. 4 Tips to Keep Your Fashion Sustainable

    June 18, 2022
    4 Tips to Keep Your Fashion Sustainable

    Our lifestyle choices severely impact the well-being of our planet and its resources. Sustainable living means that you are making deliberate positive choices that reduce your carbon footprint and thereby living a life aimed at the greater good of our world. One of the primary steps to achieving that is to reduce your consumption of clothing and embrace ethical and sustainable fashion. Here are four tips to keep your fashion sustainable.

    No Shame in Repeating

    Toxic celebrity culture and the rise of social media have convinced us over the years that repeating outfits is a sign of your poor economic status. There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating outfits. Buy less and make the best out of what you already have.

    Buy Second-hand and Vintage

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  6. How to Beat Fast Fashion and Stay Stylish in Thrifted Clothes

    June 11, 2022
    How to Beat Fast Fashion and Stay Stylish in Thrifted Clothes

    Thrifting has been disrupting the global fashion market for the past couple of years. Shopping for pre-loved clothes is no longer a fashion stigma but a statement against fast fashion and overconsumption. If you are a newbie when it comes to shopping for second hand clothes, chances are that you have barely any clue about selecting and styling thrifted clothes. Here are some tips to help you along the way!

    Knot it up
    One of the biggest dilemmas that you will face while buying second-hand t-shirts, vintage jerseys and vintage tops is the size of the outfit. Sometimes

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  7. Thrifting for Clothes: Expectations Vs Reality

    June 03, 2022
    Thrifting for Clothes: Expectations Vs Reality

    Thrifting for outfits and styling secondhand clothes are no longer a reflection of your low economic status but rather an indicator of your stance on sustainability and ethical fashion choices. But many people have unrealistic expectations regarding price, choices and variety when they go thrifting for the first time. When they find that the reality is far different from what they thought, the disappointment drives them away from thrift fashion and sustainable choices. Let’s see what to expect if you are a novice thrifter.

    Know Your Wardrobe.
    Assess your current wardrobe and find out what’s missing. That way you won’t be overwhelmed by the c

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  8. Know Your Fashion: Difference Between Vintage and Retro clothing

    May 28, 2022
    Know Your Fashion: Difference Between Vintage and Retro clothing

    A never before seen demand for vintage and retro clothing has been fuelling fashion trends on TikTok and Instagram for the past two years. Unlike Millennials, the new generation of Gen Z fashion enthusiasts are all about sustainable clothing and thrifting rather than consuming fast fashion every other season. But the popularity of second-hand clothes has also blurred the lines between vintage and retro fashion even though they are two completely different labels.

    What is vintage clothing?

    Vintage clothes are the evergreen staples in the wardrobe of fashion lovers around the globe. They are clothing that was made between 20 and 100 years ago and carry the distinct fashion markers of the period to which

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  9. What Vintage Fashion Says About Your Personal Style

    May 21, 2022
    What Vintage Fashion Says About Your Personal Style

    Vintage fashion is eternally classy in all fashion circles. Every year, contemporary fashion designers launch special collections featuring vintage dresses targeting fashion enthusiasts. This popularity and demand for vintage clothing stand testimonial to the fact that
    its charm is unparalleled. So, it’s quite natural that all fashion lovers tend to gravitate toward tasteful vintage clothes and try to embody them in their style. Let us see how integrating vintage fashion into your wardrobe influences your sense of style and what it says about your

    Your style is versatile

    Wearing vintage outfits and carrying them with confidence demands a versatile sense of style. You have to be creative enough to mix v

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  10. Second-hand clothes 101: The Essential Guide

    May 17, 2022
    Second-hand clothes 101: The Essential Guide

    The majority of us are familiar with the infinite loop of buying new clothes every season and still end up feeling like we have nothing to wear. Our never-ending shopping sprees seem to be futile despite breaking the bank over expensive branded outfits. Unless we can curb this habit of overconsumption, our environment will keep paying the price. But there is a new generation of fashion enthusiasts who have embraced secondhand fashion and overlooks traditional retailers and fast fashion. Here are some tips to shop for second-hand clothes like a pro:

    Have a game plan
    Make a list of the clothing items that you need before you go shopping. Having a list of the outfits and colours that are missing from your wardrobe and searching for them specifically will keep you on a mission and prevent you from getting distracted by other choices.


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