1. New Year, New You: How to Upgrade Your Fashion in 2023

    December 21, 2022

    We all look forward to New Year as it gives us an opportunity to start over and be better than last year. It gives us hope and makes us feel aspirational about all aspects of our life including the way we look. Welcoming 2023 by upgrading our fashion and style will act as the perfect confidence booster to achieve the rest of our new year goals as well. So here are some tips to improve your everyday fashion choices in the coming year.

    Purge your wardrobe.
    Start your year by discarding or donating clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Going through your closet will help you understand your style and you can decide on the new clothes that you need to buy. You can build a more minimal yet versatile wardrobe by shopping for second-hand clothes or through thrifting. That brings us t

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  2. Y2K Fashion: Top Trends to Recreate in 2022

    December 10, 2022

    Y2K fashion is back with a bang and triggering nostalgia in us like never before. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, the distinct aesthetic of the Y2K fashion trends gained popularity among Gen Z and the millennials alike. Everything from bandanas, bucket hats and kitsch hair clips to low-rise jeans and coloured sunglasses make Y2K fashion bold and quirky. Let’s find out how to add a tinge of novelty to the early 2000s fashion trends and make them more suitable for 2022.

    Cute Crop Tops

    Baby tees were all the rage during the early 2000s. An alternative version of this is the variety of crop tops that can be styled with loose-fitting pants or wide-legged denim. Crop tops that are ribbed and can be tied-up front are more popular in 2022. To make it Y2K yet modern, you can opt for some p

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  3. Welcome Christmas in Style: Fashion Rerun’s Sweater Outfit Ideas

    December 03, 2022
    Welcome Christmas in Style: Fashion Rerun’s Sweater Outfit Ideas

    Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is reaching towards those sweaters and cardigans to keep themselves warm and cosy. Though it is a tradition to wear “ugly Christmas sweaters” in many parts of the world, there are ways in which you can make those bold prints work in your favour. Be it a work party or spending time with your loved ones, a
    good Christmas sweater is the perfect outfit to add colour and panache to your look. Here are some tips to style your sweaters this winter!

    Simple Yet Stylish.
    Christmas sweaters can be a little bit too loud with their funky prints and textured knits. The best way to wear such an outfit is to keep it simple. You can wear a plain white shirt under your sweater and make it look sophisticated for our office parties. Loose trousers or denim can be your choice of

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  4. Being Stylish, Being You: Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Denim Game

    November 28, 2022
    Being Stylish, Being You: Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Denim Game

    Denim is a classic as well as a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. We have all had days when we were reaching out for a denim piece because of the convenience and the style that this fabric offers. Though it is the jeans that dominate our mind when we talk about denim, we cannot forget the variety of options available in denim from shirts, skirts and jackets to dungarees and hats. Denim is pragmatic yet versatile and it is high time that we upgraded the way we style it. Here are some tips to put a spin on your favourite staple!

    Explore, Experiment, Experience

    When it comes to denim, it is always advisable to experiment with the range of choices available to you. While your streetwear aesthetics can be amped with the help of simple denim jeans and retro t-shirts, you can look more put together and sophisticated by pairing a denim shirt with a b

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  5. Resale Vs Retail: Why Second-hand Clothes are the Future of Fashion

    November 22, 2022
    Resale Vs Retail: Why Second-hand Clothes are the Future of Fashion

    In the last few years, second-hand clothes have taken over our wardrobes because of their versatility, sustainability and affordable pricing. The aspirational lifestyle promoted by retail giants where you buy more than you need is no longer appealing to young fashion enthusiasts. Today, fashion is all about owning unique fashion items that have a story to tell.

    Being able to find one-of-a-kind outfits that sets you apart from the crowd is one of the many appeals of second-hand shopping. So how is this growing industry keep capturing the fancy of fashion lovers around the world? Let’s find out.

    The Surprise Factor!

    The main allure of second-hand shopping is its unpredictability. You never know what you will find. There are days when you will come across vintage Metallica t-shirts or classic Carhartt work pants and t

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  6. Fashion Styles with Retro Street Wear

    November 17, 2022
    Fashion Styles with Retro Street Wear

    The world changed a lot in the post-covid era, the fashion world was not behind in accepting these changes in daily wardrobe, office wear and streetwear. One of the changes that grabbed the eyeballs was that the Retro style made a comeback with a swag into our streets.

    In this blog, let’s briefly explore how to rule the streets in retro style.

    1. Always trying to reinvent itself, denim is once again back to favour with some retro inspired looks. Now that skinny is kicked to the curb, baggy, straight or high waisted jeans are going to be men’s favourite for casual wear this season.

    1. Who said floral is for girls? The breezy-looking shirts - Hawaiian and abstract prints - could give you the & cool boy in town& image. Harry Styles has a separate fanbase for his florals.

    2. Wear a multicolour baggy swe

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  7. Decoding Gen Z Fashion Trends: How to Get Those Looks with Thrifted Clothes

    November 09, 2022
    Decoding Gen Z Fashion Trends: How to Get Those Looks with Thrifted Clothes

    Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to keep up with trends. The biggest proponents of this ‘frugal yet chic’ philosophy are Gen Z. They are the single biggest demographic responsible for driving the second-hand fashion industry to new heights. They believe in sustainable fashion choices and unique looks created from one-of-a-kind outfits. Here are some tips to recreate the most popular Gen Z fashion aesthetics.

    Go for Something Gender Neutral

    Gen Z fashion is all about breaking stereotypes and discarding gendered clothing. In the Gen Z fashion bible, anyone can flaunt printed jackets and blazers as well as sleeveless tanks. Women are embracing the b

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  8. Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas: Simple Ways to Style Your Cargo Pants

    November 02, 2022
    Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas: Simple Ways to Style Your Cargo Pants

    The versatility of the Cargo pants is unparalleled. From its early beginning as a battle gear outfit to its incredible evolution as modern-day fashion wear, the history of this highly practical yet comfortable piece of legwear is simply astonishing. The adaptability of the cargo pants allows us to dress them up for a fancy look or dress it down for more casual and streetwear aesthetics. Shopping for second-hand cargo pants in thrift and vintage stores will help you get your hand on pants that are of a variety of fabric types, detailing, style and fit. Here are some simple ways in which you can style them.

    Let the Cargos Shine

    In Fashion, minimal styles often stand out strong and catch all the eyeballs. In the case of classic cargo pants from fashionable brands like

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  9. Being Loud and Proud: 3 Reasons Why NASCAR Jackets and Tshirts are Still Popular

    October 25, 2022
    Being Loud and Proud: 3 Reasons Why NASCAR Jackets and Tshirts are Still Popular

    Subtlety takes a backseat when it comes to NASCAR fashion. If your style is bold, loud and colourful, then you do not need to look further than NASCAR apparel. Though it was in the early 2000s that NASCAR t-shirts and jackets started taking over the fashion  world, they became a part of sustainable fashion with the rise of thrift stores. Originally
    popularised by celebrities, mainly rappers like Pharrell Williams, NASCAR clothing is still bought by fans and others alike. Buying them second-hand made it possible for many of them to own their favourite brand without breaking the bank. Let’s find out why this over-the-top brand is loved by everyone.

    There is nothing like a NASCAR t-shirt with its flashy logos and daring prints. These t-shirts are not for the faint-hearted and attract people who want to express themselves and stand apart from the crowd. The clothing is so idiosyncratic th

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  10. Fashion Rerun’s Guide to Finding Authentic Vintage Carhartt Outfits

    October 19, 2022
    Fashion Rerun’s Guide to Finding Authentic Vintage Carhartt Outfits

    When it comes to work wear, Carhartt has been a brand name synonymous with quality and durability since 1889. Over the years, they have expanded their market to streetwear and high fashion as well. Shopping for second-hand Carhartt outfits is worth every single penny as all their clothes are designed to last for a long time. Classic Carhartt overalls,
    jeans and jackets can stand the wear and tear as they were originally designed for blue-collar workers. Finding authentic vintage Carhartt outfits is therefore a steal deal if you could get your hands on one. Here are some tips to spot the real Carhartt!

    Check the Logo

    The classic yellow Carhartt logo shaped like a ‘C’ made its presence known for the first time in 1966. Real Carhartt outfit logos will have dense stitching and they will match with any other visible logos on the same outfit. Other recognisable and authentic Carhartt logos include the first Car plus ‘Heart’ logo, the Hamilton Carhart

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