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The Origins of Harley Davidson

American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson has its main office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was established in 1903 it is one of just two significant American motorcycle producers to have survived the Great Depression alongside its illustrious rival, Indian Motorcycles. Harley Davidson has persevered through various ownership structures, subsidiary agreements, dips in the economy and the calibre of its products, and fierce international competition to grow into one of the biggest motorcycle producers in the world and an iconic brand with a devoted following. The befitting term to use in place of Harley-Davidson is ‘quality.’ It is a brand that never compromises on the brilliance of the bikes or clothing irrespective of age. This is what makes Harley-Davidson unique. There are owner organizations, gatherings, and company-sponsored, brand-focused museums worldwide.

The Growth of the Harley Davidson Clothing Division

Harley-Davidson started offering brand-new types of leather jackets aka. Harley Jackets in 1947 and they have since become the norm with bikers and enthusiasts around the world. The Harley Jackets had snap-fastened collars, zippered pockets, and were waist-length with a belt. The company’s merchandise includes Harley Davidson jackets, biker boots, Harley Davidson T-shirts and fingerless gloves, to name a few, although trendy they have still proved very functional for riding always. Harley Davidson's Council of Fashion Designers Award win in 1992 for introducing the motorcycle look to the ready-to-wear market was a zenith achievement for the brand and a move that catapulted Harley Davidson T-Shirts into mass popularity. In fact, Harley Davidson sold $292 million of non-motorcycle merchandise in 2018 alone.

The Rise of Harley Davidson T-Shirts

The vintage Harley Davidson motorbike t-shirt from the 1970s and 1980s has arguably been the most sought-after Harley Davidson items on the vintage market. These shirts come in a variety of design ideas, such as abstract designs with colourful designs, racing event t-shirts and of course the traditional Harley Davidson logo t-shirt that has remained a staple in every vintage collector's wardrobe. Harley Davidson T-shirts are comfortable, easy to style and stand the tests of time when it comes to quality. Due to Harley Davidson gaining steady popularity with vintage wearers across the world it is no wonder that celebrities want to be seen in a classic Harley Davidson T-Shirt, Karen Davidson, the creative director for Harley Davidson says they don’t pay celebrities to wear their clothes but rather “They just get picked up by their stylists.” The brand has been seen on Kanye West, Travis Scott and Fergie to name a few and the trend for wearing these classic Harley Davidson T-shirts doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Forget About Size: Vintage Harley Davidson T-Shirts


When it comes to vintage Harley Davidson T-shirts sizing is really a personal choice. Harley Davidson t-shirts can look better oversized and are known to be styled for dressing comfortably. Vintage Harleys can be worn everyday and are guaranteed to become a staple in your wardrobe for a lifetime.  We recommend styling your oversized tee with Biker shorts, Cargo pants, Levi’s Jeans or an oversized vintage sweatshirt to get the best Fashion Rerun approved vintage look. Harley Davidson T-shirts are unique in that they often have the name of a place or town with a local dealership on it so it has become a trend for Vintage collectors to add new Harley Davidson T-shirts to their collection. Even if you don’t know much about the brand itself Harley Davidson T-Shirts can be worn by anyone due to their creative, individualistic and Aesthetic graphics.


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