1. Reviving the Y2K Aesthetic: Creating Affordable Looks with Second-Hand Clothes

    February 05, 2023
    Reviving the Y2K Aesthetic: Creating Affordable Looks with Second-Hand Clothes

    Y2K fashion aesthetics has already made its comeback among Gen Z. Many classic Y2K looks are going viral on Instagram and Tik-Tok because of their insane popularity with celebrities and fashion influencers. With its chunky platforms, low-rise jeans, and playful crop tops, the Y2K style is all about having fun and being daring with your fashion choices.

    But keeping up with the Y2K trends can take a toll on your pockets. That’s where secondhand clothes come to our rescue. With secondhand and thrifted clothes, you can create Y2K-inspired outfits that are both affordable and sustainable. Here are some outfits to look for while shopping second-hand.

    Snatch t

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  2. Keep Your 2023 Fitness Resolutions with Thrifted Active Wears!

    January 07, 2023

    A brand-new year is here and everyone is busy making resolutions to get fit, eat right and look good. Fitness resolutions can be heavy on your pockets with all the workout gear that you need to buy and an all-new diet with a good chunk of money spent on groceries. One of the ways to cut costs without compromising on quality is to shop for second-hand active wear. You can thrift for classy and sophisticated active wear from all the major brands without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Here are some basic must-have pieces that you must thrift for your wardrobe.

    T-shirts and Shorts

    You should be prioritising comfort while shopping for your workout gear. Good quality cotton activewear t-shirts absorb more perspiration from your body and don’t hold on to foul odours. At the same time, second-hand polyester shorts from name brands like Nike and Adidas will give you a lightweight feeling while working out. If you are feeling like showing o

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  3. Celebrity Favourites: Here is How Your Favourite Celebs are Styling Y2K Outfits!

    January 02, 2023
    Celebrity Favourites: Here is How Your Favourite Celebs are Styling Y2K Outfits!

    The ultimate fashion trends of the 2000s are back with a bang and the most fashionable celebrities are flaunting the Y2K aesthetics on red carpets and social media alike. If you are looking to relive the nostalgia of wearing butterfly clips, bedazzled jeans, baby tees and baguette bags, look no further than Y2K-inspired outfits that will take you right back to
    the turn of the millennium. Here are some of the most popular Y2K fashion trends that are being revived by your favourite celebrities!

    Cargos and Denim
    The 2000s celebs were notorious for their love for denim and cargo. Be it the iconic denim-on-denim look by the then celebrity couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake or oversized cargo pants from J. Lo’s music video “Jenny from the Block”,

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  4. Winter Wear Fashion: How to Style Your Retro T-Shirts this Season

    December 26, 2022
    Winter Wear Fashion: How to Style Your Retro T-Shirts this Season

    Winter is the time to pull out the fashion big guns like elegant faux fur coats, comfy fleeces, cute scarves and cosy mittens. But it’s not necessary that your favourite retro and vintage t-shirts have to take a backseat in your closet simply because it’s winter. There are many creative ways in which you can style your t-shirts which will make you look on fleek! In addition to that, you can keep your fashion sustainable throughout this winter by opting for second-hand retro t-shirts and layering them with other pre-loved or upcycled clothing items. Let’s find out how to look stylish this winter in your most loved retro t-shirts.

    Pair them with unique jackets
    There is no way you can avoid layering in winter. While bundling up, to put your favourite retro t-shirt in the spotlight, pair it with a jacket of your choice which compliments the style of your t-shirt. It can be a classic North Face puffer jacket, a vintage denim jacket

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  5. New Year, New You: How to Upgrade Your Fashion in 2023

    December 21, 2022

    We all look forward to New Year as it gives us an opportunity to start over and be better than last year. It gives us hope and makes us feel aspirational about all aspects of our life including the way we look. Welcoming 2023 by upgrading our fashion and style will act as the perfect confidence booster to achieve the rest of our new year goals as well. So here are some tips to improve your everyday fashion choices in the coming year.

    Purge your wardrobe.
    Start your year by discarding or donating clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Going through your closet will help you understand your style and you can decide on the new clothes that you need to buy. You can build a more minimal yet versatile wardrobe by shopping for second-hand clothes or through thrifting. That brings us t

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  6. Y2K Fashion: Top Trends to Recreate in 2022

    December 10, 2022

    Y2K fashion is back with a bang and triggering nostalgia in us like never before. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, the distinct aesthetic of the Y2K fashion trends gained popularity among Gen Z and the millennials alike. Everything from bandanas, bucket hats and kitsch hair clips to low-rise jeans and coloured sunglasses make Y2K fashion bold and quirky. Let’s find out how to add a tinge of novelty to the early 2000s fashion trends and make them more suitable for 2022.

    Cute Crop Tops

    Baby tees were all the rage during the early 2000s. An alternative version of this is the variety of crop tops that can be styled with loose-fitting pants or wide-legged denim. Crop tops that are ribbed and can be tied-up front are more popular in 2022. To make it Y2K yet modern, you can opt for some p

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