1. Black Tie Makeup Statements: 4 Looks for Glamming up on Formal Occasions

    January 12, 2020
    Black Tie Makeup Statements: 4 Looks for Glamming up on Formal Occasions

    Black tie makeup statements don’t necessarily have to be complicated, and you can certainly glam up without having to pay hundreds of dollars to a makeup artist.
    In this article, we will walk you through some alluring and timeless makeup statements for formal occasions. You can always browse through our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women to find the perfect outfit to flaunt with your chosen makeup look.

    Let’s get started, shall we?


    If you’d like to infuse your formal statement with the classic elegance of a nude color palette, we strongly recommend this look for a sensual makeover. The idea is to play up your eyes with a smokey neutral statement. Smudge up some nude and cream eye shadows with hints of black, and complete the look with a sleekly winged eyeliner and mascara.
    Give your skin a smooth complexion with a subtle foundation, and add a bronzed edginess to your jawline and cheekbones. For the pout, take a rosy nude lip color. This look will work splendidly with dresses in white, pink, nude, and even black, and you can buy gently used branded clothes from our impressive collections for black tie events.

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  2. Wedding Beauty Radar: Summer-Friendly Makeup Looks for Wedding Guests

    November 05, 2019
    Wedding Beauty Radar: Summer-Friendly Makeup Looks for Wedding Guests

    Wedding preparations can be overwhelming, especially in the awful heat and humidity of summer. In this article, we will walk you through some gorgeous summer-friendly wedding beauty statements, which you can pair up with glamorous silhouettes from our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women.

    Here, feast your eyes:

    Maid of Honor Elegance

    Being a Maid of Honor is a tough job, because not only do you have to incredibly helpful and understanding, but also, you need make sure no one, including YOU, steals away the bride’s thunder. It’s her big day and she must stand out, while you and the rest of bridesmaids must look graceful and elegant, as you stand behind her.
    Create a serene and radiant statement with a well-moisturized and dewy skin, and you can use a highlighter and bronzer to pronounce the glow on your cheekbones. Pair it off with creamy and gold-dipped lids, and a sensual nude-pink pout. Give your hair an elegantly braided updo with a graceful crown.

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  3. Summer-Friendly Dresses for an Insta-Worthy Vacation

    October 29, 2019
    Summer-Friendly Dresses for an Insta-Worthy Vacation

    Are you hunting second hand clothing stores online to scoop up some summer-friendly travel outfits? Look no more, for our round-up will introduce you to the wardrobe you need for your upcoming voyage.

    Here, feast your eyes:

    Denim for Days

    Regardless of whether you are traveling up to the mountains, or partying in an exotic foreign island, denim staples are a basic necessity, and the more you have, the merrier it will be. Denim is indeed the most versatile fabrics known to women kind, and denim jeans, jackets, overalls and shirts will give you material to create chic and creative outfits.

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  4. Beauty Radar: Hottest Makeup Trends for Summer’19

    October 24, 2019
    Beauty Radar: Hottest Makeup Trends for Summer’19

    Summer is sweaty, humid and hot, but you don’t have to comprise your chicness. In fact, the strategy should always revolve around beating the summer heat with a breezy and comfortably chic statement.
    The trick is create a radiant and glowing summer statement with energetic hues like bright corals, juicy scarlet reds, sunny yellows, and other glossy hues. You can scoop up these delightful colors from our trendy collection of affordable branded used clothes, carefully curated to help you keep up with seasonal trends.
    As for your summertime beauty regime, allow us to walk you through all the raging beauty trends for the season.

    Let’s get started, shall we?

    Vibrant Eyes

    This summer, let your eyes do the talking by infusing them with the energy and drama of bright-hued eye shadows. Start experimenting with colors you don’t normally where, including deep reds, burgundy, purple, magenta, yellow-golds, copper and even blue. This season, the beauty radar is obsessed with bold and brightly-lit eyes.

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  5. Sweat-Free Chicness: Summertime Must-Haves to Cool Off against the Heat

    September 12, 2019
    Sweat-Free Chicness: Summertime Must-Haves to Cool Off against the Heat

    Summer is upon us, and now is the perfect time to buy second hand clothes to help you create a summer-friendly and functional wardrobe to beat the heat and elevate your chicness against the awful humidity.

    Here are some must-haves to stock up in your summertime style arsenal:


    A mind-blowing creation-a true gift from heaven, when it comes to rompers, womankind can never truly be thankful enough! Rompers are a definite must-have for summer because they allow undeniable comfort and effortless chicness-especially on days we are running super late and simply don’t have the time to play dress up. Lucky for you, we have an alluring variety of rompers in our second hand clothing store online!

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  6. Swimsuit trends of 2019

    September 06, 2019
    Swimsuit trends of 2019

    Summer is one month that has more pros than cons. You get to roam around the city without a care in the world. You can get awesome tans, and who can forget about the crazy beach trips. It’s the time of the year when every curvy body reenacts the “bay watch” episodes in their out of the world swimsuits. If you are bored with your old swimsuits, check out these great pieces that will make your beach trips worthwhile. Flaunt the body you have without worrying about the bulges, summer and the ocean is for everyone. With that worry aside, let’s get to our ultimate list of sexy swimsuits to wear this summer.

    Knotted Swimwear:


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  7. Summer is All about Dresses

    September 03, 2019
    Summer is All about Dresses

    The fashion trends of 2019 have bestowed us with the perfect gift of floral prints. The most adorable thing about summer is dresses. You can wear them all season long without anyone judging you. It’s time to ditch the denim and get those beautiful dresses out from your closet. Replace your sneakers with flat sandals and enjoy the summer. Don’t be sad if you haven’t got the perfect summer dress. The internet is full of beautiful floral printed dresses that are so in this year. Make a good investment and order a couple.

    Printed Maxi Dress:

    Decide the length according to your occasion. If you are planning on spending time out with friends or having a quiet lunch, go for a long maxi dress. Monochrome is the high of this year’s fashion trends. The print of this maxi dress falls perfectly in the monochrome category. Moreover, the pleats create the perfect flow. Pair it with a huge tote bag and strappy sandals to complete the look.

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  8. Kids Dress-up This Wedding Season

    August 25, 2019
    Kids Dress-up This Wedding Season

    Whether you have one kid or more the most difficult task is to get them dressed. God forbid if you have a wedding to attend, the task gets even harder. No matter how well you dress them, they will look like a disaster in a couple of minutes. This is the bitter truth of dressing kids for any occasion.
    Here are a few tips to make your kid look extra cool this wedding season and help you make your kid look like an angel.

    Kids are Kids, Dress Them Like One:

    Most parents make the huge mistake of dressing up their kids like adults. As a result, the kid doesn’t look like either, an adult or a kid. They get stuck in the middle. That’s not very pleasant. Secondly, kids have a mind of their own; they can hardly sit in one position for more than a couple of minutes. Don’t waste designer clothes on your kids if he lacks obedience. Let the kids be. You have your fun and let them have theirs.

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  9. How to Choose Your Bag According To Your Body Type

    July 18, 2019
    How to Choose Your Bag According To Your Body Type

    It’s amazing to know that most people aren’t aware that they can conceal and contour their body types with the help of their accessories. Yes, it’s true. You can most definitely make your body look curvy, slim or chubby with the help of the right accessories, especially bags.
    Bags are one accessory that people love buying. You may have a closet full of bags of different types, but you will still itch to buy more. Why not buy the kind of bag that will give you more benefit than just carrying your stuff.
    Here’s how you can choose the best bag according to your body size.

    Inverted Triangle Body:

    With an inverted triangle body, you have broad shoulders and a slim waist and hips. With a body type like this, all attention goes to the shoulders. You will need a bag that will take all the attention from your shoulder and take it to your waist. A small bag with a long chain that will take all attention to your waist is perfect for a body that has broad shoulders.

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  10. Every Wardrobe Needs Spring Jackets, Pronto

    July 15, 2019
    Every Wardrobe Needs Spring Jackets, Pronto

    The winter may have ended, but the spring is still here. Most of the goes by with a healthy breeze and a bit of wind, but the night brings a real surprise. With chilly wind outside you can’t really pack all your layers. However, you can’t wear winter jackets as well. What spring’s chilly night need is a spring jacket.
    Everyone must have experienced unexpected a warm night change into a chilly one, that made you miss your jacket. Well for those nights we have the perfect solution. Check out these stunning jackets that will look great with your spring attire and will come to the rescue on an unexpectedly chilly night.

    Yellow Jacket:

    Accent pieces are adorable. They add just the right color to your neutral outfit. This Ladies orange Yellow Jacket has the perfect color as well as the perfect cut. The metal finish adds detailing, and the long but light sleeves make the jacket suitable for spring days and nights. This yellow color will go great against blue denim.

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